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Useful Apps

Useful Apps

Useful apps

The Breaking Free Online App

The Breaking Free Companion app is designed to be used alongside Breaking Free Online, the award-winning treatment and recovery programme for alcohol and drugs that is accessed at This app allows Breaking Free Online users to set alerts that will prompt or ‘nudge’ them to:* Use the positive coping methods they’ve selected in the ‘Managing your risky places’ strategy if they approach any risky places (via location alerts)* Carry out the activities they’ve chosen in the ‘Planning your time positively’ strategy (via calendar alerts)* Take the next step towards their life goal they’ve planned in the ‘Achieving your life goals’ strategy (via calendar alerts)As well as these alerts, the app gives Breaking Free Online users instant access to the strategies for ‘Shifting your focus’ and ‘Surfing your cravings’. So they can use these effective mindfulness techniques to stay calm or manage cravings and urges at any time, without needing an internet connection.

Drinks Meter

Drinks Meter: Get personalised insights on your drinking habits and compare them anonymously with thousands worldwide. Track your weekly consumption in cost, calories, and units, alongside a global database. Utilise features like a drink calculator, calorie counter, and WHO AUDIT screener for objective feedback. Receive tailored advice on risk awareness, cutting down, and links to relevant NHS services. Save and monitor your progress with a drinks tracker and summary reports.

Sober Grid

Sober Grid is an essential tool for your recovery — providing access to peer-support and other resources critical to staying sober. Join the community on Sober Grid and begin your journey today!

  • Sobriety counter
  • Unlock badges as you get more clean & sober time!
  • Track your recovery , Check-ins and Quests make it easy to keep recovery a daily habit.
  • Discover sober people near you
  • Easily find other people in your neighbourhood that aren’t drinking or using drugs.

Lower My Drinking

Lower My Drinking provides expert guidance and proven tools to help you cut down to the recommended limit of 14 units per week. It assists you in:

  1. Setting your drinking goal.
  2. Tracking your progress.
  3. Recognising the benefits of cutting down.
  4. Understanding your motivations.
  5. Comparing your drinking habits.
  6. Identifying potential triggers.
  7. Learning skills to manage cravings.
  8. Incorporating positive activities.
  9. Utilising mindfulness techniques.
  10. Enhancing overall wellbeing.

Developed by clinical psychologists and behavioural scientists, Lower My Drinking ensures a safer drinking level. Start today for a healthier, happier you!

Useful Apps

Useful apps App Store Android The Breaking Free Online App The Breaking Free Companion app is designed to be used alongside Breaking Free Online, the

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