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Useful apps and Referral form

Useful apps

The Breaking Free Online App

The Breaking Free Companion app is designed to be used alongside Breaking Free Online, the award-winning treatment and recovery programme for alcohol and drugs that is accessed at This app allows Breaking Free Online users to set alerts that will prompt or ‘nudge’ them to:* Use the positive coping methods they’ve selected in the ‘Managing your risky places’ strategy if they approach any risky places (via location alerts)* Carry out the activities they’ve chosen in the ‘Planning your time positively’ strategy (via calendar alerts)* Take the next step towards their life goal they’ve planned in the ‘Achieving your life goals’ strategy (via calendar alerts)As well as these alerts, the app gives Breaking Free Online users instant access to the strategies for ‘Shifting your focus’ and ‘Surfing your cravings’. So they can use these effective mindfulness techniques to stay calm or manage cravings and urges at any time, without needing an internet connection.

Drinks Meter

Drinks Meter offers anonymous, objective feedback on your alcohol use and comparison to thousands of people’s drinking habits worldwide.It’s not just about the drinks — it’s about who you are, how you drink and the impact it has on your life. So, if you want to see what your drinking equates to in cheeseburgers, your score on a medical alcohol screener or just how it all adds up, Drinks Meter shows how you compare.

  • Your drinking in cost, calories and units
  • Weekly drink calculator with drink types, strengths and bottle/glass sizes from around the world
  • Weekly total in units and standard sized drinks
  • Weekly financial spend
  • Calorie counter — measure your drinks in cheeseburgers, chocolate bars and potato chipsMeasure and compare to the anonymous database
  • Comparison to over 6,000 other people’s anonymous drinking habits worldwide
  • World Health Organisation alcohol AUDIT screener used by doctors worldwide
  • Adjusted alcohol consumption based on your medical and family history
  • Comparison to national alcohol guidelinesGet objective, personalised advice
  • Why risks matter — from heart medication to mental health
  • Tips for the future and cutting down
  • Alcohol laws, driving and safer sex advice
  • Links to NHS services (UK only)Save and track your drinking
  • Potential health, alcoholic unit, calorie and financial savings if potentially unnecessary drinks are removed
  • Drinks tracker
  • On-screen and email results summary

Sober Grid

Sober Grid is an essential tool for your recovery — providing access to peer-support and other resources critical to staying sober. Join the community on Sober Grid and begin your journey today!

  • Sobriety counter
  • Unlock badges as you get more clean & sober time!
  • Track your recovery , Check-ins and Quests make it easy to keep recovery a daily habit.
  • Discover sober people near you
  • Easily find other people in your neighbourhood that aren’t drinking or using drugs.

Lower My Drinking

Lower My Drinking will give you the expert advice and scientifically-proven tools you need to reduce your drinking to the recommended limit of 14 units a week or less.

Lower My Drinking will guide you to set your drinking goal. Then it will help you achieve this by guiding you to:

  • Track your progress towards your drinking goal
  • Recognise all the gains you will make by cutting down
  • Focus on what is really motivating you to reduce your drinking
  • See how your drinking compares to the rest of the population

As well as this, Lower My Drinking will show you the issues that could potentially cause you to drink more than is healthy for you and give you a set of proven skills you can use to address these.

Specifically, these skills will allow you to:

  • Change how you think about alcohol and the role it plays in your life
  • Anticipate situations that may tempt you to drink too much, and plan how you will limit your drinking when you get there
  • Stay calm and relaxed in any situation without having a drink
  • Replace drinking in your daily routine with positive activities that will make you feel good
  • Manage any impulses to drink at the wrong time or in the wrong place by using a mindfulness technique
  • Improve your lifestyle and boost your overall physical and emotional wellbeing

Lower My Drinking has been designed by clinical psychologists and behavioural scientists to help you reduce your drinking to a safer level. Get started today so you can get healthier and feel better!

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