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Five ways on staying motivated for Dry January

Five ways on staying motivated for Dry January

Dry January is a great opportunity to make a positive change in your life, whether it’s for your physical health, mental well-being, or financial stability. However, staying motivated can be a challenge, especially during the third national lockdown. Here are some tips to help you stay on track and make the most of your #NewHappyHour:

1. Remember your why

Remember your motivation: What inspired you to take on Dry January and embrace a new relationship with alcohol? Whether it’s for your health, energy, or budget, keeping your “why” in mind can help you stay focused when things get tough. Consider writing it down or finding inspiration from others in the Dry January Facebook group.

2. Watch your language

Use positive language: Don’t think of sobriety as a punishment. Instead of saying “I can’t drink” or “I have to do Dry January,” try saying “I don’t drink in January,” “I’m enjoying my #NewHappyHour,” or “I’m doing Dry January.” This sets a positive mindset and reminds you that you are in control of your choices.

3. Be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself: If you do have a drink during Dry January, try not to beat yourself up about it. It’s normal to have setbacks, so use them as an opportunity to learn and grow. Review what triggered you to drink and consider ways to work around those triggers, then recommit to your resolution.

4. Keep busy

 Dry January is a great time to explore your hobbies and passions. Make a list of post-lockdown activities to look forward to, or try learning a new skill, redecorating your home, reading a book, or trying a new exercise routine. You can also treat yourself with the money you save from not drinking. Why not check out our activity timetable here.

5. Download the free app Try Dry

Use the Dry January app: The free Dry January app offers daily coaching emails and helps you track your units, calories, and money saved, set personal goals, and earn badges throughout the year. You can sign up for the emails at, or find more support if you’re struggling Here . 

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