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Men’s Mental Health Podcast

Men’s Mental Health Podcast

In todays episode Ben Fairless hops into the hot seat to  focus on the important subject of Men’s Mental Health.

Men’s mental health is important because it’s well known that many men keep their stress to themselves. They don’t want to seem like a burden. They’d rather carry on acting like everything’s okay for the sake of their families or just so they don’t have to deal with the inevitable conversations that would come from talking about their emotions in the first place.

We are here to try and change this perception along with a couple of guests. Andy Toynton who is a BRIC coordinator (Building Recovery in communities) joins us to discuss his role and the beneficial impact it has had during Lockdown, and we have James Roberts who gives up his time to Volunteer for Inspire, a drug and alcohol service in East Lancashire.

James discusses some of the challenges he has had through life in particular anxiety and depression. If you are suffering from any of the topics we have discussed in todays show, here is a handy link for a broad range of services that can help Hub of Hope – Mental Health Support Network provided by Chasing the Stigma

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