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Welcome to Inspire Drug and Alcohol Service. We are here to empower you to tackle your drug (including alcohol) use.  Our aim is to support you towards your goals around your drug and alcohol use, whether this is reducing or removing substances from your life.

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I need help now

If you’re concerned about keeping yourself or another person safe, call 999 as soon as possible.

There are some local services that you can call for support:

  • Mental Health Access Line – NHS non-emergency services on 111.
  • Lancashire Listening Service – 0800 915 4640 or text ‘Hello’ to 07860 022846. Open Mon-Fri 7pm-11pm and Sat-Sun 12pm-Midnight.

Here are some national services that are available 24/7/365:


Ongoing support

If you’d like support with your mental health, you can refer yourself to The Initial Response Service (IRS) by contacting them on :0800 013 0707

If you’re concerned about something and you don’t know what steps to take, our national website have lots of advice and information that can help.  Get Advice Here

We have a specialist family support service for people impacted by a loved one’s substance misuse. Our team of Family Coaches, with their own lived experience, will provide support and information for those who have been affected by someone’s drug or alcohol use. 

What can the Family Support Service offer? 

Our Family Support Service offers a wide range of support and activities which aim to help those affected to: 

  • Develop and access peer to peer support
  • Build a toolkit to build resilience and wellbeing
  • Feel confident and informed of decisions and choices made in relation to their situation
  • Develop a basic understanding of addiction and appropriate education around drugs and alcohol
  • Look at hopes and wishes for the future
  • Keep safe

Who can access the service? 

This service is available to anyone living within Lancashire (excluding Blackburn and Blackpool), even if the person you are concerned about is not accessing support or treatment for their drug or alcohol use. We accept referrals from anyone including family members, professionals or direct from the client themselves. 


Helpline no: 0800 652 1961

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Pendle & Ribble Valley Inspire

Grassroots Centre

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Burnley Inspire

Burnley House

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Hyndburn & Rossendale

33 Eagle Street,



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Facebook: inspire.east
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Hyndburn & Rossendale

Address: 33 Eagle Street, Accrington, BB5 1LN
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9-5



Address: Burnley House, 37-41 Westgate, Burnley, BB11 1RY
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9-5


Pendle & Ribble Valley

Address: Grassroots Centre, Leeds Road, Nelson, BB9 9XB
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9-5

Contact a member of staff
If you need us for anything, your first call should always be your recovery worker.  If you can’t get hold of them, you can call the main number and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Pendle & Ribble Valley Inspire

Grassroots Centre

Leeds Road



Burnley Inspire

Burnley House

37-41 Westgate


BB11 1RY

Hyndburn & Rossendale

33 Eagle Street,



You can also send us a message on social media.

Have Your Say
If you use our service, we’d love to know what you think.  Whether it’s a compliment, comment, or complaint, we take all feedback seriously.  This is your service, help us to make it the best it can be.

Pendle & Ribble Valley

Pendle & Ribble
Valley Inspire Grassroots Centre
Leeds Road
Nelson BB9 9XB

01254 495 382 |

Alison Ashcroft
District Manager – 07500 060175

Gayle Gothard

Recovery Worker 07979 195 468

Jackie Scott

Recovery Worker 07918 586446

Jordan Yates

Healthcare Assistant 07918 586463

Lauren Phillips

Team Leader 07423 078 758

Laura Costello 

Recovery Coordinator 07831 991 274

Linda Clough

Recovery Coordinator 07425 182 705

Lynda Walsmley
Team Leader 07507 847 613

Sarah Bentley
Recovery Coordinator 07776 656 185

Sami Holmes

Recovery Coordinator 07552820408

Karolina Wojcik
Alcohol Worker 07919 564 378

Sarah Burns
Criminal Justice Worker 07786383915

Mark Chimejczuk
Recovery Coordinator 07507 839 011

Mehmud Ahmad

Recovery Worker 07561 704 284

Tim Bradley 

Recovery Coordinator 07552246018

Sylvia Bruce

Alcohol Nurse 07990774105

Andy Toynton
BRIC Coordinator 07917 556 946

Moh Amad SUI
Peer Mentor & Volunteer Coordinator 07507 857 386

Zam Aslam

Employment & Training Co-ordinator 07778 963 516


Burnley Inspire
Burnley House
37-41 Westgate
Burnley BB11 1RY

01254 495 382  |

Adriana Horsfall

Burnley District Manager  07884 564538

Sinead Hopkins

Team Leader 07917 263 376

Andrea Ghidotti 

Recovery Worker 07884 923936

David Taylor 

Alcohol Nurse Coordinator 07778 145707 

David Cleal

Recovery Worker 07341 198905

Terry Egan
PSI Practitioner 07500 992 799

Debbie Leyland

Healthcare Assistant 07918 586443

Ejaz Hussain 

Team Leader 07884 566999 

Fauzia Razaq

Recovery Coordinator 07879 721215

Mark Bergin
Alcohol Worker 07917 557 167

Mark Spedding

Lancashire Criminal Justice Manager 07900 656048

Matthew Kay

Team Leader 07771 143309

Nagina Iqbal

Recovery Worker 07507 839026

Darrell Boland

Recovery Worker 07919 057 803

Laura Mallon
Case Coordinator 07876 791 049

Jason Rossall
Case Coordinator 07917 556 850

Jason Jackson

Case Coordinator 07917 556 850

John Waite

Recovery Coordinator 07884 699049

Debbie Davies


Gill Whittaker

Lauren Taylor

Clinical Administrator 07442 084 900

Ben Fairless
Digital Lead 07795 366 488

Sharon Whitaker
Thrive Practitioner 07595 466 731

Safa Marwa

IPS Employment Specialist 07788 606769

Sarah Woodward

Housing Project Worker tel:07990 774 087

Suzanne Eckton

Recovery Coordinator 07507853610

Hyndburn & Rossendale

Hyndburn & Rossendale

33 Eagle Street,

Accrington, BB5 1LN

01254 495 382 |

John Robinson
District Manager 07766 400 993

Jane Allen
GP & Pharmacy Lead 07788 317 838

Cath Mulkerrin
Team Leader 07917 627 348

Kristy Allott
Team Leader 07880 314 232

Paul Hutchins

Team Leader 07825 125 899

Bekkie Kershaw

Recovery Worker 07435 799 851

Diane Sharples

Emerging Futures 07590 847778

John Cahill
PSI Practitioner 07879 491 748

Mo Hanslod
PSI Practitioner 07879 497 991

Georgina Hunter

Case Coordinator 07990 774 093

Cathy Crossley
Recovery Coordinator 07973 902 598

David Benjamin
Criminal Justice Worker 07979 190880

Karen Ward
Recovery Coordinator 07771 388 962

Jess Robinson-Lewis
Alcohol Worker 07881 035 729

Tracey Ireland

Shared Care Recovery Coordinator 07507 839 017

Tracy Jackson 

IPS Specialist 07551 838 498

Nina Cole
Alcohol Worker 07435 983 821

Wayne Dell
Nurse 07990 774 075

Warren Jones 

Recovery Coordinator 07774 183 004

Gill Whittaker
Prescribing Admin 07900 479 798

James Carter

Janine Haworth

Recovery Worker 077778 960 038

Katie Bebbington

Education Training and Employment Lead 07435 547453

Lee Halstead

Family Safeguarding Recovery Worker 07442 468190

Michelle Hough


David Dakan

Thrive Practitioner 07738 946 802

Reece Byrne

Practice Supervisor 07595 466 683

Thomas Miller  

Recovery Worker 07821 246105

Roxie Ahmed
Safeguarding Practitioner 07876 844 119

Georgina Hunter 

Recovery Worker  07990 774 093

Donna Downie 

Recovery worker 07760 426859

Claire Knighton
Senior Employment Specialist 07918 604 780

Stacy Coates

Data Admin 07435 994121

Stacey Jones 

Prescribing Administrator 07901 203987

Shelley Duxbury

Recovery Worker 07435 830614

How we can help you...

Self Help Tools

Take our alcohol advice quiz

If you want advice about alcohol, we’re here to help.

Take our quick quiz to understand how much you’re drinking and get advice.

Some of the questions will ask you about units. Click ‘Unit Guide’ for help.

When you’ve answered the questions we’ll give you advice about alcohol and what to do next. 

Take the quiz here

If you want advice about drugs, we’re here to help.

Take our quick quiz to understand your drug use.

For this quiz, ‘drugs’ means non-medical drugs, or and prescription and over-the-counter drugs you’re using more than the instructed amount of. It does not cover alcohol or tobacco.

Your answers should only be about your drug use over the last 12 months.

When you’ve answered the questions, we’ll give you advice about drugs and what to do next.

Take the quiz here

Breaking Free Online is a web-based program that helps people overcome their dependence on alcohol and drugs. It offers confidential and personalized support based on scientific evidence and clinical practice. It can be accessed anytime and anywhere on any device. 

It covers over 70 substances, including alcohol, opiates, new psychoactive substances and prescribed medications of abuse.

  • It provides a structured assessment and a range of psychosocial interventions that comply with national and international guidelines on the treatment of substance use disorders and co-morbid mental health problems.
  • It enables cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, relapse prevention and motivational enhancement to be delivered in a consistent and scalable way.
  • It empowers users to recognize and address the psychological and lifestyle issues that are driving their substance use, and to develop positive coping skills and strategies for recovery.
  • It allows users to monitor their progress and outcomes using various tools and feedback mechanisms.

Download the app here

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

(Open until 8pm every Wednesday in Burnley and Thursday in Accrington)

Get In Touch call 08081 962 638


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