CGL logoWho we are

Change, grow, live is a social care charity that works with individuals who want to change their lives for the better and achieve positive and life-affirming goals. We used to be known as Crime Reduction Initiatives (CRI) – we have become change, grow, live as of 1 April 2016.

All our services are designed to encourage individuals to find the strength and resources within themselves to bring about the life and behavioural changes they wish to achieve.

Our goal is to help our service users regain control, change their lives, grow as a person and live life to its full potential.

Why we changed our name from Crime Reduction Initiatives (CRI) to change, grow, live (CGL)

We believe that we can genuinely help people change their lives. Our new name and brand reflects this.

Also, our research showed that whilst the name Crime Reduction Initiatives (CRI) served us well, it no longer described what we do. Sometimes, it even helped facilitate the prejudice our service users experience.

Our values

Change, grow, live places the service user at the heart of everything we do. We fundamentally believe that everyone has the potential to change and that everyone deserves, not only a second chance, but as many chances as it takes to find the key to their own success.

We are driven by a belief in social justice and are passionate about creating opportunities for all our service users to make positive improvements to their lives. We respect our service users and support their right to self-determination and independence.

As a charity, our aim is to make our expertise available to as many individuals and communities as possible that need our support and have the potential to benefit from our life-changing work.

We are a leading charity providing treatment and support to over 55,000 vulnerable people in England and Wales every day. We champion people who have faced hardships like abuse, homelessness and addiction, and empower them to lead the lives they want, on their terms.

3650 staff members, volunteers and peer mentors

422,254 voluntary hours contributed

160 services across England and Wales